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Instrument of children in China is in a stage of rapid growth, with the improvement of nati[Morfe]

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Tianyi musical instrument is a professional musical instrument for the production and sale of children and adult instruments. In the continuous innovation of the business philosophy and deep musical instrument background, Tianyi musical instrument has been committed to the development of safe, innovative, interesting and high quality products for children and music lovers. At present, Tianyi instrument has covered drums, guitar, accordion, violin, flute, harmonica, tuner, amplifier, toy piano and blow musical toys, etc. product, in the United States, Europe, Australia and Asia and other markets by widely welcomed.
Years witnessed the progress of the day! We are very honored, more and more customers to identify and select CBSKY, feel the influence of CBSKY music, share the fun of CBSKY products. We will continue to go research and development, innovation and development of the road, to the majority of music lovers and friends to provide more high-quality, innovative products. More